Reply To: Alex’s Computer Issue


Alex CAlder

Okay well I will work on getting it reformatted.
I actually get an advance from the record label that I’m on coming up this Monday.
It should be more than enough to get a new computer and live for a little while. Maybe even buy some recording gear while I’m at it.

I think you’re right that there is a bigger issue at hand here though. It’s been hard since Ellery started back at school, and it’s only been a few days.
I feel like I find it really hard to record music when I’m unemployed, (which I currently am).
I at least need to have a part time job to sustain the reality that life can be crappy and that you need to work hard at things to feel truly satisfied.
I definitely feel like I’ve fallen behind a lot of my friends in the past few years. They have all grown up and have real jobs, or at least will in the near future, and I sometimes feel like I don’t really have a lot and that I don’t take myself seriously like I should.
For me, the music stuff is hard, because I feel like I am always right on the cusp of being able to treat it as a serious profession, but I am just always one step off.
I guess the idea is keep trying it until I can’t anymore?
Get back to me when you get the chance.